Just wanted to say Hi from So. Cal. USA

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    Hey World,

    A great big "WHAT'S UP!!" from California.

    About myself, I'm not that new to Shapeways....been using the services as a way to print my stuff, but nothing much more. So the other day I thought it was time for a change, so I opened up shop. INSERT SHAMELESS PLUG BELOW. lol.


    Anyway, it must be the heat out here but I can't for the life of me figure out how to upload a pic. Can someone help me? I'm having a serious brain fart. I click on the browse button. Load up the pic, then click Add a picture. Simple right? But no, when I click Add picture, it gives me the file browser again. huh? Am I missing something? Is there another invisible add button. Anyway, just had to vent. whew!!

    Well if you have time, and have the solution, hit me up. If not please check out my wares at the shop. I make custom toys for other toys, namely Transforming toys. I hope that makes sense. Any have a good one folks.


  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    For your image, it should be select file then upload file. I just tried it our and it worked for me on Chrome.