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  1. Hi everyone.

    I have been a quiet Shapeways observer for the last few months. I have read countless forums and spent many late nights and weekends learning to design in 3d. I just opened my first line of products in my new shop called Studdychips. If anyone has some best practices to share how to get my shop known out there for search engines to find, or other marketing tips I really appreciate any and all advice.

    This first products line is our masonic symbol line of products. Now its time to move onto a completely different topic for the next product line.

    Thanks in advance for any advice. Here is the link to my shop: :)


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    You have some awesome models in your Studdychips line, each and every one deserves it's own write-up!

  3. Thank You,

    I looked at your shop and your have some awesome stuff!

    Couple of question if you don't mind sharing,

    1. Do you mean I should not give generic descriptions for each item but to make the item descriptions unique?
    2. Is it imperative to order my products in each and every material I plan to sell it in? Or if I order stainless steel will that in itself ensure the other materials will be printable?
    3. I see some of your coolest items are not for sale. Is that because there were a one time custom job? Or is there another important reason I should also consider?
    4. Is it typical to set up a Facebook page or twitter feed for your shop? Not sure if thats something I should do or not, or if it makes any difference or is worth the time monitoring.

    So I am just looking for any best practices others are willing to share so I get off to a good start. Any and all advice is appreciated.
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    Thank you!

    1. Post a write-up in the It Arrived! and Feature This! sub-forums for each model that you have made. - This will enable you to provide links back to each item as well as increase the chances of Shapeways and/or many other design websites picking up and promoting your designs.

    2. To meet the critera of #1 you'll need to have the item printed in at least one material - Stainless is a good choice as the model will be printable in all of the plastic materials too.

    3. Thanks :) For me, I'll make an item publically 'for sale' once I am happy with the print.

    4. Yes, YouTube too (although I've yet to figure out how Facebook works) - there's a few other social networking sites too and, these days, search engines also take into account social networking when showing search results.

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  5. Excellent advice!

    Thank you so much I really appreciate it.
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    Really nice!

    As a modelmaker.......i love the engineers square