just joined, do not have any software for 3d, suggestions for a Mac please

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  1. Hic_clix_pix
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    I have a jpeg of an image i want printed and am on a Mac. I have never done any 3D printing and would love to start... I dont have any 3d software. Can someone suggest the best easiest software to use so I can upload a file to get printed for Xmas?

    Am a prof photographer and can see huge growth in this area of printing, but just came across shapeways on twitter.... would love to get something done as a start for xmas and only have a jpeg at the moment

    Cut off day for xmas is 9th! eeek!
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  3. Fredd
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    There are 3D programs that can take several images and produce a 3D model. Or do you want the jpeg printed in a surface in a model created from full color sandstone.(Like for a Christmas tree ornament). With your rush, any of the good artists here could create a simple frame quickly for your photo.

    Like Stoney said, post the pic, someone here can make a object to print it on. Perhaps for free , since it is for XMAS
  4. Hic_clix_pix
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    Hi Fredd and everyone else who replied.

    I saw the 2D to 3D (formerly image-popper) on the website and thought I would love to create a 3d version of a recent artwork my young son did and give it to my parents for Xmas...

    Thanks for the suggestions for software as I can certainly use that for some photography business stuff that I'd love to offer to my clients.

    I have attached my sons artwork here. It is intricate so wonder if it is at all possible to make a 3D version

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  5. LHDesigns
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    I used the image popper to do the same thing. Accept the drawing want a little more basic. Just remember the material limitations when try to print. If there is too much detail your object may need to be large to capture all of it, and large stuff gets expensive.
  6. Fredd
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    http://www.shapeways.com/tutorials/textured_models_with_sket chup_and_meshlab. This is an easy tutorial of how to create a picture frame and assigning an image. This is something you could both work on for a project. You could always assign a color material for the rest of the frame. If you want to just ignore the scaling and conversion to wrl. Upload the dae and the image here, I will fix it up for uploading. Beware SW has a limit on images uploaded, 2048 x 2048 pixels.
    If you get desperate with the tie limit, here is a model you can have. http://images.shapeways.com/model/picture/674x501_821986_699 166_1355094254.jpg?key=089bdf26add9678c561471a5194d360a
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  7. AlanHudson
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    I've been working on a new version of the imagepopper which can support larger images and some other cool functions. Here is a quick mockup done as a cameo like pendant.

    It uses grey scale for height so the darker lines he made do show up as a higher spots. You get a pretty good rendition. Likely would want to trace over the lines of things like the flower petals if you want them to stand out better.

    I don't have an exact release date of this new software but it should be within the next month or so.

  8. Hic_clix_pix
    Hic_clix_pix New Member
    Thank you to everyone for your help.
    I certainly love the website and will be getting some things done for my business next year.

    I look forward to seeing the new image popper software whn it comes out..

    Have a lovely Christmas everyone!