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  1. Mark_Kendrick
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    Hi all,
    I use Solid Edge CAD for my design work.
    The object I have attached is giving me non-manifold grief.
    SE doesn't tell me of any problems, and from fumbling with Rhino4 all I know is:
    Mesh has 10 degenerate faces.
    Mesh has 6 non manifold edges.
    but I don't know where the problem areas are on the model.
    If someone could please tell me where the problems are, or even fix if its not too much trouble, I would be most appreciative.

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  2. dadrummond
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  3. Inlite
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    Try this, the only non - manifold parts I found were on 2 of the rivets, took me 2 min to merge some vertices and re export using blender.

    I did a test upload and it uploaded successfully too :)

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  4. Mark_Kendrick
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    Thanks Dadrummond,
    Not being a practising surface modeller, netfabb didn't make a lot of sense to me, but i think I worked out the problem through trial and error.
    Got there in the end,
  5. Mark_Kendrick
    Mark_Kendrick New Member
    Thanks Inlite,
    I will have a look at yours and see what went wrong, much appreciated!