July 3: Google Hangouts on Rejections

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    Hi guys,

    It seems there is still a lot to talk about on this topic, so we'll be holding two google hangouts TODAY, Wednesday July 3rd for you to talk directly to us and get your questions answered!


    Google Hangout in Eindhoven with Bart (Community Manager Europe) and Mitchell (Customer Service) and Luuk (Supply Chain)
    Wednesday July 3rd
    3PM Eindhoven time (1PM UTC)

    Google Hangout in New York with Natalia (Community Manager USA), Christopher and/or Christian (Product Managers)
    Wednesday July 3rd
    2PM Eastern Standard Time, USA (6pm UTC)

    We will post the link to join the hangout in this thread about 15 minutes before it starts, and each will run about 30 minutes.

    if you miss it, you can always join our regular Shapeways Live which happens once a month too.

    Looking forward to chatting!

    Bart & Natalia
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