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    Hello I have minimal coding experience I have tried to adapt the sample gyroid generator my code is shown below.
    This seems to work fine and the generated model is displayed in the preview plane however when I try to save / download the stl lile as I was able to do with the gyroid sphere model. I receive the following error Failed - server problem. Is this a problem with my code or some other technical issue?

    Many thanks


    var uiParams = [


    name: "period",

    desc: "Period",

    type: "double",

    rangeMin: 1,

    rangeMax: 21,

    step: 1,

    defaultVal: 18



    name: "thickness",

    desc: "Thickness",

    type: "double",

    rangeMin: 1,

    rangeMax: 5,

    step: 0.1,

    defaultVal: 1.6



    function main(args) {

    var box = new Box(0, 10*MM, 10*MM, 70*MM, 48*MM, 480*MM);

    var s = 500*MM;

    var gyroid = new VolumePatterns.Gyroid(args.period*MM, args.thickness*MM);

    var intersect = new Intersection();

    intersect.setBlend(2 * MM);



    return new Scene(intersect, new Bounds(-s,s,-s,s,-s,s));