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  1. jogumpie
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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Jochem (20 years old) and I'm really into building model roller coasters (example). I use a toy called K'nex to create the most twisted layouts. However, I am having issues with the original train included in the toy sets. The clearance in between the wheels is too high and the cases enclosing the wheels are too big, giving me not enough opportunity to blend the track into other structures.
    This last may sound a little weird, so let me elaborate on the issue. As you can see in this picture, I partially masked the track by putting it into the support structure. The train's wheel housing slightly hits the structure, causing it to slow down. This means I want to completely redesign the trains and the wheel housings.
    Some guy I know through a forum dedicated to this model roller coaster building had a design made a few years ago and gave me some suggestions concerning the wheels, as it is efficiency that I care about a lot. His work can be seen on this page. I hope to master the technique of modelling such designs and to finally make a K'nex train that is more efficient than the current one.

    If you have anything to help me with, suggestions, anything at all, please leave a comment. :)

    I thank you for reading through all this. Hopefully I can make my dream come true sometime soon.

  2. virtox
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    :eek: Amazing ! :eek:

    Did you already try any 3d software ? Or still in the exploring phase ? If so, be sure to check out Blender (it's free and has lots of community support)

    Looks like you have an eye for tech and structures, so engineering the 3d parts shouldn't be too difficult. And if you can't work it out, there is plenty of people here, willing to assist you.

    As for materials, WSF would be excellent for this job.
    (perhaps even the new Alumide)

    So if you have any questions, just drop another line in the forums !

    Kind regards,

  3. joris
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    I am blown away what people want to and can do with us every day. Amazing stuff.
  4. Denny Magic
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    Hi Jochem,

    Please take a moment to see what our company does (see URL below) ... We are BRAND NEW to the concept of 3D Printing and would like to be able to create a 3D model using DAZ STUDIO, then we would save it as a COLADA file, and then have it 3D Printed so it can become a Marquette for our artists to use as a model;.

    Some clients have asked us about "Big Figures" like the one's that Disney makes for their characters, and sells at their Disney stores... being new at this, we wonder... Can we have a Master created in some sort of material that can be used to make molds... then, can we send that to a supplier in Asia who can make the molds and cast our ORIGINAL Big-Figures in quantities, and finish them off by painting them? Do you know if we are on the right path here?

    If you have some tips, or are interested in working with us... down the road, maybe you could pass along your advice?

    Denny Magic
    c.o Denny Magic Studios .com

    PS - I have enclosed a sample photo of one of Disney's Big Figures...