Jewelry Shops Customization Engine

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  1. wizegem
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    I am Isaac, Co-founder of Wizegem.
    We are on the market for almost 5 years, providing parametric online jewelry design tool (curve based 3D engine).
    Our models are 3DP ready and huge amount of models already been downloaded and produces by many of our worldwide users.
    We have an API for Shapeways production and I am an active member of the SW designers community.
    We are now providing our engine as a plugin for Jewelry shops and E-commerce websites which enables customers real-time 3D model customization.
    You are welcome to check our reference 3D customizable shop, and appreciate your feedback:
  2. lawrencekramer2014
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    Your example shop contains a nice assortment of fairly basic designs. Why would I pay $29 a month for access to these designs? You appear to be offering basically the same type of offering as any shapeways shop. Jewelry consumers may find this appealing but it's not really for fellow designers.
  3. wizegem
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    Thank you for your feedback.
    These are examples of designs I made using the design tool (reflects my own creativity). Like other 3D tools, specifically Rhino, you get access to the 3D design tool not these design examples. These examples may look like other shapeway shops but the plugin enables (any type of website) the customer to customize it and that's the huge difference (currently cannot add the engine to Shapeways marketplace). We implemented many features supported by Rhino (and many which are not) but the difference it's mostly parametric, of cause in some cases not as generic as Rhino.
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  4. lawrencekramer2014
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    Thanks for the clarification. I am completely satisfied using Blender, but I know other designers use other products. The subscription service mirrors the Adobe creative suite model, so I guess that's a more direct comparison.