Jewelry question about adding sizes for a ring

Discussion in 'Other Interest Groups' started by Silvergence_Karen, May 22, 2016.

  1. Silvergence_Karen
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    I have a ring (size 8) that's been printed & purchased more than once, I'd like to add additional sizes for sale. What's the best way to do that? I don't want to edit that model and lose the successful print history. Should I create new rings (same design) in various sizes & just let all the materials be First To Try? (Working with rings is so time consuming, I took a break and made a few pendants just not to have to deal with all the size links!) Thanks, Karen
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  2. UniverseBecoming
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    Yes, you have to make each ring size as an individual product with its own print history.

    Me too! I hate doing uploading and making links and typing in markups and all that for each ring. I stopped doing it mainly because of too much hassle. Yes! I'm wayyyyyyyy lazyyyy! HAHA! :D

    Hopefully, when they finish building variations capability it will be a lot easier for both customers and us designers. :)
  3. Silvergence_Karen
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    Thanks for confirming what I suspected. Finally completed sizes 4 to 12 for the one design & it took forever. Now I'm thinking about disappointed customers who need half sizes! I should probably add a standard line to all my descriptions about requesting half sizes (thank goodness for copy & paste). I try to keep the descriptive copy professional, relevant, informative, pithy & entertaining all at the same time (another time consuming necessity when I'd rather be working on new designs!) Yes, it's a lot of work but when I think about firing up my kiln to create a single ring I'm reminded how grateful I am for ShapeWays!! Now THAT's lazyyy...