Jewelry for your favorite Game of Thrones character

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    hey everyone! I got started this morning with the intention of making a list of 'warrior-style' jewelry list, and then realized as I was collecting that a lot of the pieces that reflected different characters/houses in Game of Thrones.

    I'm wondering if you can help me find some cool items to add to these lists!!! And also your opinion on them. I'm sure there are a ton more items here on SW that can be assosciated to each character -- so far I've got things like a "hand" pendant for Jaime Lannister, and wolf rings under house of stark, swords and assassin pendants for Arya Stark, zombie/white walker hand, crows and trees for Bran Stark...

    Arya Stark Jewelry
    Bran Stark Jewelry
    Brienne of Tarth Jewelry
    Dornish, Sand-snakes Jewelry
    House of Stark
    Ironborn Jewelry
    Jaime Lannister
    Khaleesi Jewelry
    Sansa Stark
    The Hound

    Characters I'm still missing items lists for are John Snow, Cersei Lannister, Tyrion... I think John Snow is the hardest for me to find things for!

    So, if you think of anything or have anything in your own shop that relates to a character, please share it! or make your own list :) --- I could spend literally hours doing this....

    EDIT: +2 HODOR
    House Tyrell
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    Nice lists! I can't think of a cool character that you missed, but what about heptagrams for the seven-god religion? The seven-pointed star motif is all over the scenes at Kingslanding and worn by all the septons.
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  4. Wish to see list for Dothraki so I could suggest this pendant for it :D
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    I've done a customizeable cufflink and shown how it can be changed to a Games of Thrones house by uploading an image:


    Try this image:

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