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  1. Michael_Teiniker
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    I like nature with a bit of mechanics. So I have been working on two projects. The tiger ring initially was solid, but after I had ordered it in plastic, decided to reduce the material, as it is a rather bulky ring. I've introduced a double wire structure and kept the Tigers head as a mask. The Tigers stripes have been cut out as well, as I want it to be light weight, yet bulky and not too expensive.
    The Fractured skull ring, is a skull taken from a cat scan. I have fractured it into five pieces and fixed the pieces together with plates and bolts.
  2. Michael_Teiniker
    Michael_Teiniker Well-Known Member
    My fractured skull pendant
  3. Magic
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    Hi there,

    I am pretty impressed by what you are doing here. Congrats.
    On my side, I am rather on dice, but one die inspired me a ring and I have a question. Usually, when I made rings, I kept the height and the thickness constant whatever the size. But this is a lot of work to make the different sizes. So I decided to scale the whole ring so that if one ring has an internal diameter of 2/3 of the biggest one (my reference ring), the thickness and the height of the ring will also be 2/3 of the reference ring.
    My question is how thin can I go with the smallest ring (height and thickness of the ring for say an internal diameter of 15mm)?
    Would 0.8x1.33mm be enough for all metals except steel (bronze, silver, gold, plated metal etc.)?
    And there is perhaps an additional difficulty because it is a double ring so the upper one is floating in the void (so perhaps it is considered as an unconnected wire? Or is it a wall?)... Here is a render to make it clear:
    As you can see in the right cut, the section is nearly half a circle that's why I speak about thickness and height.
    Thanks for your help.

  4. numarul7
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    You never do a ring band lower than 1 mm (and even at this size it can crack if the design is bulky) , it is recommended to be at last 1.2-1.5 mm. So on all rings there must not be a part of 0.8 ... fingers are strong enough when you make a fist to crack them out. :)

    So more like 1.2x1.5 mm with a bit of test print in FUD before you go metal.

    Nice designs overall guys!

  5. Magic
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    Thanks a lot for your recommendation. I made the ring thicker (unfortunately by reducing the clearance, since they are nested rings). But they are so many constraints that I cannot reach 1.2mm (I am at 0.9mm mini now). If there are problems, for those smaller sizes I will make a second version on which I will modify the section to have it completely circular.
    I will post the result in some other sections of the forum.

  6. Daphne
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    Thanks! I did the setting myself.

    Why not design a stone setting that you can screw into a jewelry piece? Easiest way to replace the stone that I can think of.

    @ Magic: I made a ring with 1x1.2 mm wires, four of these parallel in silver. Now they are bend together at the point where my fingers touch. So 0.9 wires might not break straight away, but it will at least deform.
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  7. UniverseBecoming
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    Here's one I just finished today with cubic zirconium stones.
    Pam's skull ring.jpg

    That's a good idea! One could even design a special tool for each stone size that would allow for quick and easy changing of the stones. One could then change their stones to match the occasion.
  8. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    @Daphne: thanks for the information. Deformation can be a problem for me since the rings will be nested like this:
    Nested Rings Gold.jpg

    @UniverseBecoming: impressive result!
  9. Daphne
    Daphne Well-Known Member
    @ James: Love the ring! How did you attach the stones?

    @ Magic: it's likely that the rings will be pressed together. Are they supposed to be able to rotate?
  10. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    @Daphne: Yes, any of them can rotate freely relatively to the other ones: eventually, I'd like to modify this concept to make a (small) pill box ring.
    Here are the links:
    - inner one
    - middle one
    - outer one
    I am first ordering them in plastic, then I will see if metal is suitable.
  11. UniverseBecoming
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    Take your finger and pull down your bottom eyelash. That gives a good idea of how I did it. In Zbrush I boolean subtracted the stones to create little grooves for them to sit in and then pulled the bottom part of the orbit down enough so that I could get the stones in there. I did simulations to see if I would be able to get the stones in and adjusted everything so it was just right. Then, once I had the casting I inserted the stones and then I bent the metal back into place to hold them in.

    I wont do it that way again though because the sterling silver was harder to bend that I anticipated. I knew it would be hard, but not THAT hard. I though I could simply use a prong pusher to bend the metal, but I couldn't generate a enough force with my hands to do it. I ended up having to make a jig to hold the ring in a vice and then I had to use a small 226.796 capacity arbor press to push the metal while watching under inspection microscope to make sure I didn't crush the stones. Then, the stones were in nice and tight, but I had an unsightly bulge of metal under each orbit that I had to remove. I did this by using a graver to whittle away the two bulges a micron or so per stroke. Overall, to get the stones in there nice it took me about 8 days of work. UGGG! :D

    Next time I'm going to try making a hole behind each orbit and putting them in from behind. I'll then have a plug that fits perfectly in place that I'll solder in to hide the seams around the plugs. I could do casting in place, but that limits the stones one can use because of thermal issues so I'd like to find alternative methods.

  12. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    Thanks Magic! :D
  13. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    Wondering about gemology? Take a look at this. Skimming through, it appears to be highly educational.
  14. Does anyone have a universal measuring size chart to upload for jewelry (rings, bracelets, neck, and ear) in mm for diameter, circumference, height and other key measurements?
    I see standards, yet it seems many complain on fit.

    Thanks all!
  15. This has been my issue with wanting to use shapeways as well.
    Thank you for bringing the point to the forum.

    I also want very fine delicate work. Does anyone have any recommendations on the best materials and programs that is the most accurate?
  16. casouri
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    I think stronger structure will work. By saying "stronger structure", I mean thicker, more straight lines, but not necessarily less decoration though. If you want to do many decoration and many little things, make sure the outline is high lighted and clear, and strong.
    Hope my though can help you.
  17. UniverseBecoming
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    Hey there Skyler! Welcome to Shapeways! :D

    I love your name! I think Skyler is my very most favorite female name. :)

    Yeah, that's a good question. For ring sizes I usually use this ring size chart. I sell internationally so it can be useful too for converting sizes. As for the other items I'm not so sure. I'd try looking around at the various prestigious online jewelry stores, Cartier or Tiffany or the like. An outfit like one of those might have published something pertinent for their online customers.

    Let us know if you find something. Oh and, it's always fun to see what others are creating, share with us if you'd like. :)

    I saw your post on the day you posted it and started making a reply that day, but then I got busy doing who knows what and forgot all about that until now. Gosh, I'm such a fumbler. hehe :p
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  19. Hello,

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    Don't hesitate to share or even add as favorite if you kike it!

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  20. Hi,

    Check out this diamond shape ring design!
    625x465_Alma face.jpg
    There are more designs in my shop (and many more to come), come and visit ;)
    Don't hesitate to share and even add as favorite if you like it.