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    It depends on the ring size. One needs a lot more triangles to make up an US size 15 when compared to the number of triangles necessary to make up an US size 3.5. Both can use the same number of triangles, but because the size 15 is much larger this will make the triangular facets show up more readily.

    So the question is, what size are you interested in? If you give me a size or an inside diameter I can make up a file that I would consider to be the minimum number of triangles needed for polished silver.

    On the other hand, we tend to not worry about minimum facets since Shapeways can easily handle 1 million triangles without a problem. But then, were you wanting to print a large number of rings sprued together? Is that why you're asking?
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    Hi UniverseBecoming,

    Great! Thanks for the help.

    Well, in the long-run, probably lot of sizes, and male female, so thick and thin, but the first ring I'm working on is a female UK size T, so inner dia of 19.51mm, so US 9 5/8 I think?

    Of course I will be doing some test prints, but thought I'd pick some expert brains to get me started.

    Oh yes indeed. With a view to putting several on a sprue.

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    Here's a ring I did just now for example. I'm calling it The Ring Of The Angelic Heart!
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    The ring above has 950 thousand triangles in the the heart and wings and 60 thousands triangles in the band and is an US size 5.5.

    For your ring size I wouldn't go under around 480 triangles. Any less than that and you'd be seeing facets in the casting.
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    Oooh very nice looking ring!

    Great, thanks. Oh I see, so literally a total of 480 triangles for the band should print ok. That'll certainly save some file size!

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    Thanks! :D
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    @UniverseBecoming -- the rings you designed is really beautiful! I absolutely love it. Did you order one IRL? Would love to see some real photos of it!
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    Hi Kat! :D

    I'm glad you like it! Thanks for telling me that. :)

    Too many irons in the fire right now, I'll order it eventually though someday.
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    Definitely let me know when you do :) -- or if you dont, I might first!
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    Hello Jewelry Designers,

    Hopefully this is the proper place for my question. I'm new to the site and in the process of starting up a shop. I'm working on a replicating DNA pendant and I have a question about the minimum thickness for precious metals.

    I printed out a raw bronze model and found that at the point where the DNA splits off is somewhat malleable since its only one supporting wire. The model arrived askew and I was able to straighten it out. The current thickness at this point is about 1.3 mm. Is there a minimum thickness I could increase this to so its not malleable? If I left it as is would the metal break at this point if it was wiggled a lot? I imagine many orders could arrive a little warped and the customer would have to bend it a little to make it straight, but after that it wouldn't need to be.

    I'm new to all of this, so any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    DNA flex 1.jpg

    Thank you,
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    1.7 - 2 mm is the "stiffer" category , but the design is prone to bending.

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    I find at time some of the steel prints are little rougher than normal. What do you use to polish your prints??

  14. DBTops
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    Beautiful!! Really cool -- cant wait to see them IRL
  16. DBTops
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    Here's another design I've been working on. It's a fan art pendant inspired by the popular game Xenoblade. Let me know what you think.

    Monado Sword Pendant :

  17. Daphne
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    My latest work:
    Ruby flower.jpg
    Can't add it to my Shapeways shop unfortunately, but maybe I can sell some on Etsy.
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    Nice work Daphne. Pretty one. :) Did you set the stone or did you take it to a jeweler?

    In the history of jewelry making I'm sure someone has thought of this before, but I've been wondering about designing a snap like retainer for holding stones. Imagine a jewelry piece that from the outwardly appearance appears like a piece with an ordinary stone setting, however, on the underside there is a retainer holding the stone in place. The retainer would be composed of a door with a living hinge style hinge and a snap latch for holding it closed. The door retainer would be investment cast in the open position and once the stone was dropped in place the door would be closed behind it locking the stone in place. The snap latch could be designed to open and close so that the stone could be changed with different types, but the hinge would only last for a few cycles before failing due to metal fatigue, so this wouldn't be too practical. However, for a one time usage this would be very viable.

    The consumer would buy the jewelry piece and then buy the corresponding stone elsewhere. They would drop the stone in place and snap the retainer door closed with their fingertips. Since most stones come in standardized sizes this idea would work very well I think.

    Once the idea was developed it would allow us jewelry designers to sell jewelry designs on Shapeways that included stones. I could even envision Shapeways getting involved with offering a stone setting service using this type of stone setting method. Well, when they weren't playing foosball and drinking cocktails that is! HAHA! :p
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    Hi Kat! I ordered the ring, but I still haven't got to the taking pictures of it yet. I'm still super busy doing all kinds of stuff. :) One of the things I'm do is building a studio for doing jewelry making stuff. One of the things I'll have setup in there is a spot just for taking images. So, I'll probably take some pictures when I finish that.

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    Awesome! It's good to know you're busy making things, (which is the only valid way to stay busy, IMO)

    Looking forward to pics!