Jewelry Design and Prongs

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  1. Ray716
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    New to Blender and to Shapeways, and i have a few questions.

    First off, has anyone tried making prongs using the Stainless Steel? How did it work for you? Did the prong snap when you Moved it? Did you try and cut a seat, or did you do everything in your CAD program?

    Also, when cut open, how porous is the stainless? I ask because having worked with PMC clay before, it's nice on the outside, but is fairly porous on the inside.

    Thanks for the help everyone!

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  2. GlenG
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    Hi Ray,
    The SS is very hard compared to most common metals.
    Cutting stone seats you should use a fresh carbide burr!

    In addition to being extremely hard the SS is also fairly brittle. Bending prongs will be touchy business. A lot will depend on your jewelry skill but also the actual shape of the prong. Avoid any sharp angles. Use fillets and smooth transitions in your design. The material will yield to a degree but nothing like copper, brass or precious metals. So, you can bend it a little bit but once the plastic limit is reached the prong will snap right off. This can only be learned "hands on". It can be done but , tis tricky!

    As far as the "porosity" of this material goes, it is actually very consistent throughout the mass. Once you cut through the surface bark and printlines it is free from voids or soft spots.

    Another possibility is to silver solder your own prongs onto the printed body. You could print index points to align your prongs for easy soldering. This somewhat defeats the value of direct printing but it might help avoid a lot of heartache and cussing.

    Post your file before you commit to printing and i'll be happy to review it.

  3. Ray716
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    Awesome, thanks for the tips. It may be a while before i get things posted.. Still working through tutorials on blender. When i feel comfortable.. i may just be posting a LOT of designs... I tend to have a vivid imagination :)

    The addition of Soldered prongs is a good idea, could also rivet a Bezel cup in place too... I may just very well Do up some designs with Prongs.. Probably incorporate some of the technical aspects that are good to have when working with Points. Will probably help to fit the stones.... Anyway, i love experimenting with new materials! Ive done some hand designs that my classically trained Goldsmith bosses said would never work. :cool:

    Has there been any talk of adding other metals? Like Bronze, Silver, copper, etc?

    Again, Thanks!

  4. Ray716
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    Awesome! Thanks for your posts everyone!

    I can't wait till Sliver is an everyday option!