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Discussion in 'Other Interest Groups' started by cristefi, May 30, 2016.

  1. cristefi
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    Hi I wonder whether other jewelry designers are not satisfied with the surface finishing of the castable wax model. As a matter of fact, it takes ages to get to a quality of the wax model (prior to casting) that it is acceptable for real precious jewelry, hours of work that make it vane the time saving of CAM. Is it there any alternative (other materials, or so....) to solve this issue?
    Thanks Everybody :) feedback highly appreciated!!
  2. Shea_Design
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    With the frequency of complaints and sample photos I've seen I would say it's time to find another vendor for waxes, even if it means paying a bit more. We all know waxes can be produced that are very smooth and ready for production. Good luck, -S
  3. cristefi
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    ... if you find one, would you please share? in the meantime the Shapeways team could consider improving this?