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    I run a small startup jewelry company. I retail prefabricated jewelry, and I am also working on producing a line of custom gauged earrings, and traditional earrings. I already have about 8 designs modeled, and I have one design currently under production, which should be ready for sale in a few weeks.

    I am not at all proficient in CAD software. I have been using subcontracted modelers that have been working from my sketches and instructions. However, the most recent modeler has become extremely unreliable, and I am working towards a launch date of 7 weeks from now for the new line. I need someone who can step in and make changes to the existing models to ready them for production. The pieces range in size from 9.5mm in diameter to 25mm in diameter, and a uniform depth of about 13mm. Please see the attached file for some mockups of potential designs (rendered by another modeler).

    I am looking for someone who is experienced with jewelry, is creative, reliable, detail-oriented, and also willing to learn. I am planning to put out new designs annually, so I hope to build a relationship that will last through the completion of the initial line launch. I am open to giving you some creative freedom to experiment with different design concepts.

    I look forward to hearing from you, and seeing your work! Here is a link to my website:

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