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    My name is Andrey. I am a professional 3d designer of jewelry and souvenir production.

    I am in Jewelry field for more than 9 years already, what gives me understanding the production technology process and customers needs.

    I have a lot of experience in NURBS & Polygon modeling, photorealistic rendering and preparation models for 3d printing and CNC milling. Software i normally use: Rhinoceros, Gemvision Matrix,Tsplines, Vray, Zbrush and Modo.

    I work with people from different countries. They are big and small jewelry brands, independent jewelry designers, as well as individual clients who just want to make some custom pieces.

    Have a look at my portfolio on my website:

    You do not have to have any past expirience or knowlage in Jewelry. I am ready to guide you through all the steps.
    No matter how complex or unusual your idea is feel free to discuss.
    My email:

    My shapeways shop.
    Also, i am offering ready 3d models for 3d printing or CNC milling: 3d models

    I am expecting to establish mutually beneficial cooperation.

    Andrey Pavlov
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  2. Andrey is great to work with. Very professional, good communication and delivered exactly what I wanted on time and within cost.
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    Andrey is an excellent designer. He far exceed by expectations to deliver a great design with a quick turnaround.
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    Hi Andrey - I would like to talk with you about creating some designs for me.
    Should I email you or phone call?

    Erick McGregor
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    Hi Eric.

    Please send information by email. Thank you
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