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  1. Andrey_Pavlov
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    I am a professional 3d designer of jewelry and souvenir production.
    I've got 8 years of experience in NURBS & Polygon modeling, rendering and preparation models for 3d printing and CNC milling.
    I work with programs: Rhinoceros, Gemvision Matrix,Tsplines, Vray, Zbrush and Modo.

    I've got huge experience working with customers from different countries.

    Portfolio is avalible on my website:

    Also, i am offering ready 3d models for 3d printing or CNC milling:

    I am expecting to establish mutually beneficial cooperation.

    Andrey Pavlov
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  2. michelleisfirst
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    How much do you charge for your work? I need to have something I created in illustrator re-created as a 3D model on shapeway.

    Best regards,

  3. DollaShowMann
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    Sending you a email now from realdealglobal-
  4. matula
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    Hi Andrey Pavlov,
    this is Peter from Germany.
    We like your work and profile.
    We are looking for skilled 3D Designers for development of jewelry, belt buckles, money clips, buttons etc. for a swiss company delivering tailor made fashion an accessoires.

    We could need your experience and help on our mission.

    You are searching for an interesting job(s) with the opportunity of long-term employment?
    Please contact us per PM oder email:
    Add us your salary per hour or per piece and personal info please.

    We look forward to your reply,

    best regards,