Jewellery 3D modeller available to design the jewellery of your dreams

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  1. Hi my name is Rhys Frampton and I am a Master Jeweller living in Brisbane Australia who specializes in boutique one off Custom Design Jewellery using 3D CAD software specifically designed for the Jewellery industry (Matrix 7.5).

    I have over 28 years experience designing and making custom jewellery. I am passionate about assisting you to create the perfect piece of jewellery for your very special occasions. I regularly assist local, interstate and international clients. To check out some examples of my work see my webpage or my facebook page.

    If your interested in my work I am happy to give you quotes for your designs, and can also offer a finishing service where I can the the jewellery cast in your choice of metal and supply and set any required stones such as diamonds and precious gemstones .


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  2. Fabcreations3d
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    Am I able to provide drawings to you, and have you create the 3D model from the simple drawing?
    If so I would like to send you a few items. I am eagerly awaiting your response.

    Best Regards,

  3. Hi Nicole,

    Yes I am able to create a 3d model from a simple sketch. If you can send me through the image I will be able to provide you with a quote. Were you after just a file or the finished product? I am a fully qualified master jewellery so can also provide the finished product including supply and set any stones. If so I will have a few more questions for you.

    If it is a ring that we are talking about. I will need to know your fingersize before i can start the draw.

    You are most welcome to have a look on my webpage at some of my finished products.


    Rhys Frampton
  4. Fabcreations3d
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    Thank you for your response. Attached is a logo that I would like to have made into 1 1/4" charm to be worn on a necklace. Please provide a price quote as well as any suggestions on improving the piece. What is essential to this piece is that it as closely as possible resembles the actual logo. Also what is your turn around time, and maximum load per week? This is a tester piece, and may possibly lead to a larger contract, so I am curious to know the type of load you are capable of handling. I await your response.

    Best Regards,


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  5. HI Nico,

    Due to the design of the logo. We would need to have a solid background with the perhaps the Logo letters etc raised or cut out.

    In regards to your question on load quantities and turn around time. Are you referring to how many of this same item i could draw, or draw and produce in precious metal, (Gold or Silver etc)?

    Once drawn. The drawing is used to produce multiples if required.

    Quote to draw this logo as a 3DM file. AUD$66 including tax.
    Draw time turn around 48 hours
    Production in Precious metals turn around time. approx 12 business days. (slightly longer during peak times, Christmas etc)

    To quote to produce the drawing into a finished item. I will need to know what metal, (Silver, 9ct, 14ct or 18ct Gold and in what colour gold).
    If you are wanting it produced in other materials. Perhaps have a look at what Shapeways have to offer for the production side.

    I hope this answers your questions. If there is anything else or you are ready for me to go ahead with the draw please let me know.

    Kind Regards
    Rhys Frampton
  6. Fabcreations3d
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    I appreciate the response, however the rate for design is higher than I hoped for. Is it negotiable by any means, as it doesn't leave much room for 3D printing cost, and consumer mark up? I am only in need of the design and printable file. While I respect your time and craft, $66 is a bit steep for the designing of the pendant. Please let me know if this is negotiable so that we may move forward.

    Also, the sketches and designs that I send in the future will vary as this is all about the idea of custom 3D printed jewelry. I anticipate sending you between 10-15 small designs per month, based on how smoothly this initial design process goes.

    Best Regards,

  7. Nicole,

    I was just wondering which part of the world you are in? Might assist me with quoting.

    My usual rate for this service is $132/hr retail. That is why i quoted you trade price of $66 inc tax.So that you can still onsell to make a profit.

    Unfortunately, i cannot do it any cheaper. My costs involved in being about to provide service are not low. The Hardware ($3000), software ($8500) and training ($1650) costs have to make profit to pay for itself. I work in Australia, and after deducting from the $66 the $6 Government Goods and services tax, then deduct another $16.50 for Government income tax. Only leaves me with $43.50 per hour. from this i have tom make payments on my costs.

    With my local competitors are billing their time between $90-$120/hr wholesale price. I need to bill at least what i have quoted you.

    Let me know if we can still do business.

    Kind Regards

    Rhys Frampton
  8. cora55
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    Hi there,
    My name is Cora and I'm looking for someone to make a mold of a wedding band. ll I have are pictures to work with how ever. My ring size is a four and the width of the ring would be would be any where from 5/16 of an inch to 3/8 of an inch.
    I will have a local jeweler cast the ring using my current wedding band. I'm looking for someone who can use technology to create an exact replica of that ring, unfortunately it was a size 7 and i was not able to find a jeweler who was comfortable with sizing it so I have to return the ring. I have not been able to find that ring again.
    I'd appreciate the help!

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  9. varinsalon
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    I am looking to incorporate organic shapes into jewelry designs, more specifically, hair accessories.
    Here attached is a picture of different dried plants that I would need for someone to design in 3D so that I can then incorporate them into hair accessory pieces.
    Is this a project you are able to and interested in doing?

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  10. XXXE
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    I have a skull ring I want made I have the Blue Prints ect, and it has Rubys in the eyes

    Regards B L
  11. Hi there.

    Sorry. But I sm not the person to help you.

    I do not specialise in organic shapes.
  12. scbonome
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    Hi! I'm looking for a designer interested in modeling two lightsabers themed rings. I would like it to be adjustable rings and flattened inside.

    One of them has to look like Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber. It do not need to be high detailed, just have to be similar. I'm sending a picture of a ring that I based my idea. The difference from the picture is that I want the yellow part to be filled with a light-yellow stone line.

    The second one has to look like Luke's lightsaber. Besides not being high detailed too, it will not have stones.

    Both height may not be superior to 2,5mm.

    Sorry my rusty English! Hope hear from you soon!


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  13. Hello,

    Yes I can draw these up for you.

    I will ask you to send me pictures of the individual Light sabres so that I may get as much detail correct as possible. If I search for images I may find incorrect for what you are looking for and that would cause a problem.

    Before I proceed into drawing. Tell me what metal you are thinking of having them made into? This will depict on how think I need to make them to ensure they as strong as possible considering the adjustable size you are asking for.

    See, whenever you make a ring that is not complete, (AKA adjustable ). them you sacrifice strength.

    Last thing is my quote. I will not commence drawing unless you approve my quote and you have paid a 50% deposit on the drawings.

    Quote to draw these rings will be $250AUD each.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.