Jep, the classy hedgehog

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    One night I was just hanging around a bar, and when I got out I found this little guy:

    A hedgehog who had no dramas with spending a few minutes with me and my friends in a cold night. After with all the good manners he just walked away and greeted us with a warm goodbye.

    Inspired by such great mixture of cuteness and style, I sketched and modelled my own classy hedgehog. And here is the result!


    Thanks to shapeways and its great service I was able to print it and have it as my most proud decoration at home:

    Jep, The Classy Hedgehog

    Please tell me if you like it! and any suggestions are very welcome, I am brand new in 3D printing!
    Thank you for reading!
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    Do you have pictures of the print?
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    Awww looks awesome! Love the story of how he came about too :)