JEEVI 1:19 Victorian Railways narrow gauge NU and NM design: first pictures

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    20130220_183505.jpg Attached are some pictures of printed and assembled JEEVI G scale (1:19) designs for Victorian Railways narrow gauge NU ventilated van and NM cattle wagon.

    The bodies are attached to the JEEVI VR (PBR) narrow gauge underframe. I have used Cambrian Models Fox bogies (widened for 45mm gauge) with 25mm diameter Sierra Valley wheel sets, RC boys 1/4" x 1/8 " x 7/64" ball bearings and Accucraft AP 11-738 automatic couplers. The coupler mounts required some styrene packing. I used 0.5mm styrene sheet for the NU floor and 6mm x 3mm and 6mm x 2.5mm styrene strip for the NM floor. I have painted the bodies but detailing including running boards, handrails, air lines and lettering remain to be completed.

    As I only had Fox bogies painted black at assembly time I used these, but intend to change out the bogies later for some red oxide coloured ones.

    Overall the Shapeways prints provide a nice representation of these quaint VR narrow gauge wagons.
    20130220_183531.jpg 20130220_183505.jpg