Jan. Edition of Shapeways Live - Jan. 19th 2pm EST

Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by ana_xyz, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. ana_xyz
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    Hey everyone,

    Two notes about this month's Shapeways Live. First off, as usual, I'd love to hear any suggestions you have on topics you'd like me to discuss.

    Second, this edition of Shapeways Live is being pushed back a day. It was initially scheduled for tomorrow (Jan. 18th) but I'll be attending the Emergency NY Tech Meetup in NY, to rally in opposition to SOPA and PIPA. I wrote a blog post on why the Shapeways team and I are motivated to get to these lengths.

    I look forward to catching up with everyone on Thursday instead.

  2. tebee
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    I missed this again - but at least I have a good excuse this time - it was on the day I got married !

    Trying to catch up with it on Ustream, when I watch it I get no sound, others play fine, is there something wrong with this one there or did Ana really have nothing to say :eek: ?

  3. denali3ddesign
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  4. Ray716
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    Just saw the recording of the Live fead.

    SF Colors:

    I did hear green mentioned, but i wanted to point out that St. Patties day is just around the corner, and a "Shamrock" green would be perfect for that holiday. Also taking a look at the most popular holidays and the colors associated with them would give more opportunity for gift giving ((and creating)).

    Ceramics: I believe the most popular colors kitchenware are Dark blue, dark red (earth-ware), and Yellow and Orange for it's apatite inducing qualities. Being a HUGE fan of Hunter or Earth Green, i would really enjoy making a Tea Pot and Tea set in that shade :D

    These are just my Opinions and wishes..

    Thanks for Being Awesome Shapeways!

  5. ana_xyz
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    @tebee I guess that's a good excuse.


    On a calmer note, are you still unable to hear the recording?

    @ray I like your thinking on this, I'll relay to Nancy. Btw haven't seen you around much lately. Don't be a stranger. :)

  6. Ray716
    Ray716 New Member
    Sorry, I've been busy with work and figuring out more about blender! I've got some new stuff that needs to be uploaded, ordered, photographed and all.. When i have time i will post more. Promise! :D