Jack Sparrow Skull Ring with green Gem

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  1. SGDesigns
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    This is still a work in progress I still need to clean up the teeth and other areas... I was asked to make this but I will most likely make one for myself. Ive already purchased a 5ct peridot. Its my birthstone and it works with this ring.

    This is a Pirates of the Caribbean reproduction silver ring.


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  2. SGDesigns
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    Below are some screen shots from the movie...


  3. InnerbreedFX
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    very cool. and a great representation also.
  4. SGDesigns
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    Just wanted to post an update for this post. Here is the finished ring with a huge Natural Peridot.




  5. stevecim
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    Nice work
  6. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Very nice, Sal, as usual. Looks like you mounted your stone from underneath. How do you support it on the underside - prongs bent over?
  7. numarul7
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    Looking good! :D
  8. SGDesigns
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    Thanks man I take that as a compliment but I mounted the stone from the top, sitting down on a pre made ring ledge on the inside and then carefully manipulated the top of the ring to hold the stone in place.
  9. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Cool. In that case you did an even better job.
  10. rhalin
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    I've been trying to find information on doing this kind of setting without expensive jewelry power tools. If you don't mind me asking:

    What tools did you use to do the manipulation?

    Did you add extra material or an overhang, planning ahead? how much (mm/in)?

    Any advice or other suggestions for a first-time stone setter? ;)

    Thanks! Epic ring!

  11. SGDesigns
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    I did not add any extra material I designed everything into the ring. I made the silver ring surrounding the gem taller by at least 1mm because you can always polish off any extra silver instead of having to manually make the hole deeper if the walls arent tall enough. Its best if the stone is not loose while in the pre made hole. Snug is better in my opinion even if it doesnt fall raight in at first, you can always manipulate the silver and opened it up so that the gem is snug from the beginning but dont make the hole smaller then the gem, remember that there is about 2% shrinkage usually. Let me get back to you on the tools questions. Ill attach tool pictures next to the tool name.

    This is how I do my work but im sure it can be done differently. I learned on my own and by asking question, no jewelry school just tons of research.

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  12. rhalin
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    This was definitely helpful, thanks! Eagerly await tools info if/when you get a chance!
  13. SGDesigns
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    This type of setting is called a bezel setting and you usually se this setting done to cabochon or cabs. Those are the stones that are flat on the back because its ideal for those stones. If you have a faceted gem and diamond cut on the bottom or whatever type of cut on the bottom. you need to design a shelf into the ring so that only the shelf holds up the gem. too much shelf and the gem might crack when setting it. Depending on the type of stone you are setting you will need to use different tools. If its a round gem you can use a Prong pusher if not then a Bezel rocker will do and these tools are used to push/tilt the top of the bezel towards the gem. If you find it difficult to bend the top of the bezel towards the gem then you might need to make the the bezel thinner by filing away at a 45 degree angle, File away the top outside of the bezel making it thinner but do this part with caution because this is something you cant undo if you make it too thin. Once all of the bezel is pushed towards the gem you will want to push it down. One tool that makes it easier and more precise is a powered hammer hand piece of course there are other tools like a file to file down the bezel height if it is taller then then gem table and also polishing tools and compound to polish off any scratches you may have given the ring. Ill post pictures of these tools so you can see what they look like and ill look for some videos that helped me out too.

    Below is a picture to better show you what I mean by filing down the top outside of the bezel. By the way, for a bezel this thick, you can't really use a prong pusher, this one is too thick. A bezel rocker will do.


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