It's Time to Stop Using UPS--(we did! USPS inside)

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  1. oldmanuschwendener
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    I warned all my friends against using shapeways, for this one reason.
  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    glehn, Contact service with your breakdown. It would be good for them to know this (if they don't already) and maybe there is something we can do differently to reduce some of these fees. They can also forward on your request of adding USPS to Brazil.
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  3. jens_nybacka
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    I'm waiting for my first printed part from Shapeways and WAS really excited. Then I saw the delivery is with UPS. Those Three words represent, to me, three days of god damn phonecalls and idiocy, stupid forms and retarded paragraph CRAP!
    I cannot fathom how a company like UPS still exsists and it's completly IMPOSSIBLE to understand how anyone can use this schoolbook example of the total opposite on how to do good customer service should be done.

    Everything is a total disaster.

    - They cant print ÅÄÖ on the package, so my adress is unreadable.
    - The deliver the packade at my house and require a signature. "Before the end of the day" so I have to stay home from work?!
    - I can't change adress until they tried to deliver it to my empty home.
    - Their drivers dont have cell phones so even if you're home they might not find the adress (happend three times before)
    - They can deliver the package to a pickup spot, that is on the other side of Stockholm.


    Sorry to say, this is a total deal breaker, I'm not ordering anything more.
  4. Sparkshot
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    I woulfn't use UPS by choice either as I know how much they sling stuff about from distance and height - I used to work for them and was sorely naffed off being forced to treat the post so badly considering I rely on postal services for so many things.

    Maybe all companies are like it but it is the toss up between meeting demand, greed and being rushed like an idiot under threat.
  5. MillerBro
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    Ok this is a piss off- Im sorry but all my previous orders have been USPS and I have been well pleased... and now I see that despite the fact I paid for USPS First Class my next two orders are being shipped via UPS????
  6. MillerBro
    MillerBro Active Member
    and yes ditto to what everyone else has said about UPS- It will turn what used to be a costly but worthwhile order into such an awful expense that I have literally just canceled the 3rd order I had placed. The extra fees that UPS charges are clearly known to Shapeways and yet this happens even when I select USPS? Completely unacceptable Shapeways.
  7. mkroeker
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  8. MillerBro
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    thank you mkroeker - one would think they might explain that to folks when they order but I see people have been suggesting that since they started this bad idea and since I was blindsided with this as well clearly they have not considered the message worth passing on :/

    However as I live in Canada I dont see how USPS is going to deliver my package- I am hoping that means Canada Post but considering the somewhat crappy nature of this switch-a-roo Shapeways has pulled Im not gonna hold my breath until I get both current orders in WITHOUT the UPS gouge fee :/
  9. MillerBro
    MillerBro Active Member
    Got my reply from the Service folks and they say it should still be coming Canada Post for the last leg so I will let people know. Considering UPS once famously charged $30 in brokerage for a $5 item I am still very... cautious about this. However if things go off without a hitch I can see my usual 2-3 orders a month resuming.