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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by TDog1000, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. TDog1000
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    Hello who ever may listen,

    I have encountered an extremely frustrating bug/feature of shapeways where if I make any minor changes to a product such as, add a color when editing the product. The product will simply vanish from my store and I have to wait DAYS for it to appear. Most recently, this happened and I had to wait two days for my products to receive re-approval for about the 5th time... This time when I had the confirmation email for my products, I was still not able to upload them to my shop. That was two days ago.

    Customer support has not gotten back to my email I assume due to COVID-19 but I would appreciate if they at least send me an email based on this forum post.
  2. mkroeker
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    That is actually a well-known problem (search this forum), shapeways got into some kind of trademark dispute over items uploaded by its customers so they now need to check every product description for certain keywords. Unfortunately they still do not appear to have any software in place that would distinguish between actual text changes and anything else, so just changing anything on a product page is a sure-fire method to remove it from view for days.
  3. TDog1000
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    Wow, that's actually quite cumbersome that they still have this problem. If this does not get fixed by tomorrow, I may have to choose a new site to host my product on. Any suggestions?

    And thank you for the response man!
  4. coelian276
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    Well, as this won't be "fixed" anytime soon (if at all). I say good bye to you and good luck finding a company that offers the same quallity and customer service. Please let us know if you find one :)