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  1. MarkHeuvelman
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    A few weeks ago I ordered a test version of a silver ring in Black Detail. The ring is a gift, but to make sure it would fit I ordered a test print.

    Unfortunately the ring arrived broken and I was a bit dissappointed since it was a gift and there was no time to reprint within the given delivery time.
    I contacted the Customer Service and wrote the ordered piece was broken.

    Just a few days later, I was very suprised to find a new box in the mail, just in time to give the test ring to the final owner.

    Thanks for this great service Shapeways! The Silver model will be ordered soon.
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  2. The piece reminds me of a circuit board.

    I haven't experimented extensively with Black Detail, but it has seemed fairly brittle. That does have pretty small detail. Hopefully, the silver piece will print nicely!

    It looks like your work is true to your sig quote. :D
  3. lensman
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    Don't forget that there will be a size difference between the Black Detail and the Silver ring... Silver shrinks very little in size but other materials do.

  4. SGDesigns
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    How much does black detail shrink? Anyone know? I wanna do a test print of my bandit skull ring, but I wanna make sure the fit will be good, or at least close to the actual fit.
  5. lensman
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    Can't help you with the shrinkage question, all I know is when I'm making rings in silver I only allow for very small shrinkage and I don't make test prints in other materials. Silver is the easiest material to get at the size you want. And remember, if it turns out just slightly too small a jeweller would be able to enlarge it on a mandrel without having to add silver (I'm talking about a 1/2 size here, maximum).