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  1. SomniumDS
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    I've gone through the model bit by bit... I've covered up every hole, welded every vert, straightened all the normals... even done the cleanup check... still no luck... is there something wrong with it? Anyone with Maya 2010 can help would be most appreciated... also if anyone knows how to put Collada plugin into Maya 2010... it would be awesome...

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  2. __DF__
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    Hi there, I checked your file.

    I think the problem was duplicated vertices. Usually, I solve this by going to Edit Mesh > Merge option box.
    Check this screenshot:
    Collada plugin for maya 2010 is not ready yet I think. When it will be, you can get it from the collada website:

    I have attached your file by applying the merge vertices tool. Check it and see if it works now.

    All the best,

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  3. SomniumDS
    SomniumDS New Member
    nice! i shall try it now... thank you!
  4. SomniumDS
    SomniumDS New Member
    sigh... no change... i'll keep working on it... hopefully something will make it work
  5. bartv
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    I'd like to check that file for you, but I can't ready Maya files. Can you post it as STL? (Or mail it to


  6. SomniumDS
    SomniumDS New Member
    i'll do that once i get home... currently at school
  7. SomniumDS
    SomniumDS New Member
    sry for replying so late... here's the file at a STL

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  8. crsdfr
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    Try this.

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  9. SomniumDS
    SomniumDS New Member
    yes! finally it worked :D... but its too small hehe... i'll resize it in Accutrans and re-upload... thanks you!!