Is this really necessary?

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    (I searched for a similar topic and didn't find one.. Ignore this if it's been commented before)

    I don't understand why this hasn't been changed already :p
    When I received my first order several months ago, I found the second page of the packaging slip kind of funny in a ridiculous way, and thought that it would eventually be fixed by you, but now that I just received another package, I realise nobody has done a thing about it.

    I doubt there's a reason for having it this way, and it means a huge waste of paper, doesn't it?


  2. virtox
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    Good point ! :)

    Every time I get an order, I'm like; I should say something about it.. and then I forget :blush:

    The most of my invoices/packing slips could have easily fit onto one page. The disclaimer is the usually the only thing overflowing by a few lines.
  3. Tommy_2Tall
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    That waste would easily be avoided by printing those packaging slips & invoices doublesided.

    In this case it's just two items and that one single line still overflows to the next page but just reducing the page by one line will still mean that an order with three or more items items will cause the same situation.

    A full page of items however is probably not that frequent so if the document overflowed to the backside of the same paper it would save a lot of paper. :D

    "Further the objects should not come into contact with electricity.." hmm.. :rolleyes:
    I think low current LED's are safe.. right? :D
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