Is this extrusion printable as shown?

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    I'd like to get your opinions on whether the attached extrusion will be printable in White Strong Flexible material. The attached image shows the second option I hope to use.

    As currently designed the extrusion extends 0.9mm out from the wall and is 0.5mm thick. The notches in the edge measure 0.5mm x 1.1mm with 2.5mm between them.

    I thought I read somewhere on the Forums that details cannot extend more than 1.0mm beyond the surface of a wall (if they extend farther than 1.0mm they are considered walls not surface details and have to be a minimum 0.7mm thick). I hope this still holds true and this extrusion falls within that limit.

    If this won't work any more, I have two design options I want to ask your opinions about:

    1) make the extrusion 0.7mm thick rather than 0.5mm. This meets the minimum wall thickness but will look way too thick on the finished model to my eye.

    2) Taper the extrusion from 0.7mm(0.028") at the wall to 0.4mm(0.014") at the outer edge. I think I read on the Forums that tapering the edge will print even if the extrusion is larger than 1.0mm. I like this option the most and will submit it this way if you think Shapeways' software will accept it.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    Surface Detail Tapered.jpg
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    I'll answer my own question. It probably wouldn't have printed so I made it 0.7mm all the way through.
    ONR4500 Bulkhd Side Print.jpg