Is This A Supportive Wax Cleanup Problem?

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  1. A customer sent me the attached photo. I've also attached a photo of the same item I printed for myself. The item the customer ordered is here:

    What happened here? Obviously the customer is quite dissatisfied. I am also quite discouraged because if quality control is this inconsistent, It makes this technology useless for what I want to use it for. There are rivet details on the sides - and I assume the extra "corrugations" are in fact the wax that is printed to support the rivet details. Am I assuming correctly?

    The item I purchased did require some cleanup - manual scraping with an x-acto knife. A real pain, but not near what my customer experienced.
    What's the best approach here?


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    Of course contacting support is the best option for a fix but I had a customer today that had this issue with one of their FED prints and it would be nice to have an explanation as to why it turned out this way. I told them to contact SW customer support, as always, but I felt like a jackass trying to explain to them why it wasn't a fault in the design they had paid me to model for them without having an ample explanation for what went wrong on SW's end. Is it a printer calibration issue? Bad support material quality? Any sort of explanation would be nice to have so I can relay that to my client and restore their faith in me as a modeler as they were quite skeptical of my claim.