Is there a problem with my upload ?

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by Dubeau, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Dubeau
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    I just upload a spaceship I made:
    However the side that was mirrored appears to be transparent in the render of shapeways ? Is the model ok, or should I worried ? When I open the submitted .stl file in Cinema4d, everything is I am wondering if it's not the render engine of the site ?
  2. virtox
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    If you mirror an object, in some apps this leads to the normals flipping (normal direction defined by vertex/edge order)

    Looks like that is what happened here.
    After you mirror the object, see if you can "flip the normals" back.

    Not sure what will happen with printing though, usually singular inverted volumes are fixed, but it might lead to unwanted subtractions when volumes overlap.

    As for the preview render, that is always very creative with how to display meshed ;)

  3. Dubeau
    Dubeau New Member
    Ok. I will check this out then. I though the normals were already fix...but I will take a look back.

    Yah. The normal are inverted. I think I will take the time to add more details and make a stand too.
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