Is the stainless steel material magnetic?

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  1. yorickt
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    Hi all,

    short question: Is the stainless steel material magnetic? I read that steel is magnetic generally but in stainless steel there are other chemicals to stop corrosion which may make it non-magnetic. Anyone knows or already has a model to try?


  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    Our Stainless is infused with bronze, and is able to be magnetized. I've even seen reports of pieces being shipped pre-magnetized as a byproduct of one of the processes.
  3. yorickt
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    So if I make a piece out of the stainless steel, magnets will attract it?
    So I dont speak about making a magnet out of the steel model, but attracting it with magnets.

    Thanks for the quick response :)
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  4. stop4stuff
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    Shapeways stainless has about 40% of the magnetic susceptability of mild steel.
    The surface of a flat surface is not flat when printed, there are some surface imperfections.
    The iregularity of the surface reduces the 'magnetic stick' a bit, 50kg 'pulling power' neos might only be 15kgs worth overall.

  5. yorickt
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    thanks for that answer, you really helped me! I actually realized that it will be far to expensive for me to print this in steel unfortunately :( I already uploaded it and that would cost 2400€ :confused Its not difficult to print but its a little bigger...

    Thanks for the support anyways! :)


    Now at 108€ but cant save anywhere anymore :D Bummer! :(
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