Is The Pricing Correct?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by bbowen, Nov 10, 2017.

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    The link doesn't work.

    The pricing might be correct,- You can safe money if it is possible hollowing some parts and with less wall thickness.
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    How do I share a design from My Workshop?
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  4. kaadesign
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    You can go to "3D tools"


    There you copy the generated link
    paste into forum.

    just copy & paste pictures into the forum
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  6. kaadesign
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    Is this the counterweight, or the adapter for the cam?
    Is this the final design?

    For 3D printed Nylon, it's a big & solid part 13 x / 13 y / 5.7 z
  7. bbowen
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    Its a stand for the gimbal to sit on a table, etc. The handle of the gimbal slides into the round opening. I didn't design it. A guy posted it on a group and I don't have a 3D printer, so I was looking for a way to print it.

    I could almost buy a 3d printer for that price.
  8. kaadesign
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    Try my example file with nearly same dimensions.
    Hollowed 2mm wall thickness . Bottom 130x130mm

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    How heavy is the gimbal? if it's not very heavy, then you could make this base hollow which would drop the price a bit, perhaps even half, but anything 13cm is going to be pricey.
  10. bbowen
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    a little over a pound with the camera
  11. kaadesign
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    Reduced to functionality, it could look like this one


    ... useful for Bonsai christmas trees too

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  12. bbowen
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    Nice. I uploaded your other design. Waiting on it to finish.
  13. bbowen
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    That got it down to $90. Your most recent design seems like it would be significantly cheaper. I wonder if it would be stable enough if the gimbal moved?
  14. kaadesign
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    Your original model, the weak area is the tube piece,- the thick base plate doesn't help/affect anything.


    less dynamics with the stiffening rips

    Another way:
    Buy an mini tripod ($15) & print a tiny adapter ($10)