Is Shapeways Going To Kill Shapejs?

Discussion in 'ShapeJS' started by CustomBrandShop, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. I love Shapejs and use it daily, but I'm worried I should switch to another platform for my custom modeling?
    It has been sluggish for days, and you can't download models if they go beyond a certain size (I'm not able to determine if this is a voxel count or physical size ). My best guess is that the actual issue is the server's processing power, but if that changed it means they put it onto a lower-grade server(?) So does that mean it's low priority? That's what worries me, will Shapeways eventually kill Shapejs? Numerous emails to shapeways support have yielded zero results, so it just seems like they don't really support the product. I'm just worried, my current business model relies on it working.

    As an example if I visit the example signet ring and attempt to download a model with the Ring size set to the default 19.76MM the STL file downloads as expected. If I adjust the size to 24.64MM the STL returns a server error.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Thanks!
  2. twoshay
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    My concern is more whether ShapeJS will become available as a built-in component to Shapeways, beyond the internal projects like the pendant creator. I have a couple of products with CustomMaker text/image options, but my needs are just a little more complex. Something along the lines of:

    Basic product: Model of a sports car
    Customization: Add spoiler (yes/no)
    Customization: Select Tire/Wheel options from a list
    Customization: Select hood options (plain, vented, hood scoop) from a list
    Customization: Enter name: ______ , that name is embossed on the doors of the car in any of x fonts (selectable)

    ... all of these I can do by hand, easily - and could do with ShapeJS easily as well. What I can't do is integrate that code into a shop where the shopper makes selections, the model is adjusted, and sold. I've got a laundry list of project ideas like that... but without the ability to integrate it into the sales/production side of Shapeways, they'll just collect dust.
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    We have not downgraded the server for ShapeJS, but we have made some updates to improve caching. We'll take a look at why the larger sized ring could be saved before, but not now.

    In the meantime, maybe you can adjust to a slightly larger voxel size in the script. Rendering and saving performance in ShapeJS is affected by the size of the grid required for the scene, so that should help.
  4. Thanks for looking into it! Yeah that was my solution, I added a Voxel size slider to each of my scripts so I could dial up the voxel size as needed if the model wasn't being returned. Slightly Disappointed to have to trade quality for download-ability, but it kept us running, thanks!
  5. AlanHudson
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    I know what the issue is. We should be able to resolve it next week.
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  6. AlanHudson
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    Wanted to give you an update. We got stuck on another project and haven't had a chance to resolve this. We should have it resolved by this friday. Sorry for the delay.
  7. AlanHudson
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    We have deployed the fix to the servers if your still seeing issues please tell me.