Is it possible to do unglazed ceramics?

Discussion in 'Technologies and Hardware' started by MrGnome, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. MrGnome
    MrGnome New Member
    I know someone who has their own ceramics studio (glazes, stains, kiln, etc.) who might be more interested in getting unglazed ceramics. That way she could style the designs using her own glazes, or use stains instead of glazes.

    Is it possible to get fired, unglazed pieces?
  2. type3secretion
    type3secretion New Member
    I'm also interested in this question, as well as whether Shapeways would offer other glaze options (colors would dramatically enhance the appeal of the ceramics, particular for larger surface area objects that are expensive for which decoration could increase customer perceived value dramatically).
  3. jjohnsen
    jjohnsen New Member
    I would also like to know as I am super-interested in ordering ceramic models un-glazed. Anyone know stuff?
  4. MrGnome
    MrGnome New Member
    I've been in contact with Shapeways, and the latest reponse was:

    So it seems like this isn't something they can handle at the moment.