Is it cookie based ?

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by sid, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. sid
    sid New Member

    and yet another thing I'm wondering about.

    Because of the coupon_bug
    I've tried with different browsers;
    in IE I got a message asking if I want to proceed with my last shopping cart.
    And I did... without success though.
    Now I'm here with Firefox..
    And there is nothing in my shopping cart anymore.

    Well in Opera there is, in IE there is, but in Firefox there isn't.

    There is a shopping cart cookie stored in Opera,
    But I cannot believe that the system is based on cookies... that'd be strange :D

  2. benstabler
    benstabler New Member
    Perhaps the system uses session cookies? My firefox is configured to delete session cookies on browser close, whereas my IE isn't.

    If it is, that wouldn't be strange at all, virtually every session based website uses this type of cookie :p . All the important information is stored on the server, the cookie just contains a unique identifier to tell the server which session it should look at.

  3. robert
    robert New Member
    Actually your shopping cart is stored in a cookie until you place your order.

    It looks like Opera and IE are sharing their cookies somehow.
  4. sid
    sid New Member
    I'm sure they don't

    As I opened the site in IE I got a message if I want to proceed with my last unfinished order.
    I clicked on "yes" that's where I got the cookie from.

    That message does not appear in Firefox (at least not in v1.705 wich I prefere)

    I'd prefere a database instead of the cookie,
    for various reasons.

    (Almost everybody knows how to fake set or edit a already set cookie)
    I don't know if you have a database to doublecheck the cookie with, but I hope so ;)