Is Custommaker Not Working?

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by MrNibbles, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. twoshay
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  2. MrNibbles
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    CustomMaker gives me the sads. I thought that perhaps re-uploading models would get things working, but alas, success is not to be found with a reset. It works sometimes but rarely. The edit process to set up the text and graphics boxes often locks up just like the tool on the product page. If we had a clue as to what is causing CM the heartburn perhaps we could update models with new meshes or something to put less stress on the servers and algorithms and get it working. But there doesn't seem to be any interest by Shapeways to either get this tool working reliably or to kill it and put it out of everyone's misery once and for all.

    I also wouldn't mind toggling the CM settings off until the thing works to avoid customer issues but when you toggle CM off you also lose the CM settings. That means if and when you turn it back on you need to go through the edit/setup process all over again. Uggh.
  3. seriaforma
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    Don't waste your time setting it up. Custom maker is currently delivering a 404 when you try to customize a product to buy. I tried it on several products out there.
  4. MrNibbles
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    I'm just trying to navigate the least work and pain path through this issue. The best path forward is probably to keep the CM products turned off until they get their act together to make the tool reliable.

    Keep hope alive!

  5. MrNibbles
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    Looks like we're back to where things were 6 months ago. When the CM finally works you can't order the part.

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    Sounds about right.
    For ages now everytime I add anything to cart it gives this message.
    Usually works 2nd or 3rd attempt but I wish they'd fix it!
  7. MrNibbles
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    It's fun to hypothesize why such a feature would be allowed to languish in its present state.

    1. There are no resources available to fix the problems or turn the feature off.

    2. A key software person(s) left the company and remaining employees can't figure out the old code, how to fix it, or how to turn it off.

    3. All efforts are aimed at porting the code to SpringandWonder type platforms.

    4. The feature will eventually become a pay to participate function, either through a favored shop owner "bundle" or with a pay per use mechanism.

    5. Other internal framework structure modifications relating to customized model/library handling, user directories, etc. are being worked on and nothing can be done until those efforts have been completed..

    6. CustomMaker never generated much revenue, or somehow ended up losing money due to customer complaints, so it's waaaaay down on the priority work list.
  8. seriaforma
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    The loss of CustomMaker is disappointing - I thought CustomMaker was a step in the proper direction when it first came out and hoped it would develop more features over time.

    When it first cam out, I sold a lot of copies of a keychain. Then they changed something in the software which caused ALL the models to fail, right around Christmas (naturally) - no changes on my part. I was first told "nothing changed" then "maybe something changed but it wouldn't cause failure" They never fixed the problem, instead I modified my model but never got back the momentum. I also did not receive notices of the failures - don't know if it was the path of the software or my email provider (although I got all other emails/newsletters/notices). I think the problem may be a combo of 2 and 3. The Spring and Wonder feature seems somewhat different from the original CustomMaker.
  9. twoshay
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    Another customer lost today. I got really busy at my day job and haven't been able to keep rattling the cage on this, but I'm not sure at this point if it would have helped or just annoyed the techs. I'm taking all my customize-able stuff off the storefront. I'll keep an eye on this from time to time to see if anything changes, but if I can't put up scriptable/customizable stuff, I'll drop out. I'm not going to push for profit margins that support hand-customizing on request.
  10. atelier_jet
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    Tracking this problem down while integrating to Etsy, no idea it had been going on for over a year.
  11. MrNibbles
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    The tool seems sporadic. It's almost as if it functions once but then locks up for an indeterminate time. I've uploaded a model and set it to allow customization, it works, and then it stops working. You're lucky if you can get one customization and then immediately change the inputs and have it work again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯