Is Adobe The Right Tool To Create 3d?

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  1. I have Adobe Creative Cloud, what is the right tool to create 3D objects that can be converted to stl?

    Is Adobe the right solution? What is the best tool to use? Easiest? Least expensive?

    Appreciate for your thoughts and insights.

  2. stonysmith
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    Do. Or do not. There is no try. - Yoda

    There is no "right tool", nor a "best tool". Many tools have their own strengths and weaknesses. No tool "does it all".
    On top of that, there are several different ways of designing, with different tools being best for each approach. You need to find what works best for you and the way you think.

    On repeated occasions I have taken two programs and given them to two different people. Six months later, I switch the tools out, Person1 taking ToolB and Person2 taking ToolA, and both of them profusely thank me for the "Much improved tool!"

    Personally, I'm more of an engineer than an artist, so Truespace, Blender, Openscad work well for me. If you're into organic modelling, you might be happier with 3dsMax or Maya. Other folks swear by Sketchup and Tinkercad. There's plenty of good free software out there.

    You need to try out several drawing tools and see which one works best for you. You might find, like I do, that no single tool does everything you need, and that you need to be proficient with several.
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  3. southernnscale
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    Stonysmith, is right! every person has there own way of learning and using tools. Like me I'm not much of a professional engineer but more like an artist but mostly in free hand and not with computers! So learning a new program takes time. I have tried to use most of the programs he as talked about found them hard to work with. Myself I have used 3Ds max over the years. Now in 3D printing! I find this program fit my needs I have four views area and one is in perspective view. This works fine for me! It also has the required tools I need.
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  4. UniverseBecoming
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    Hi Terry welcome to Shapeways! :D

    Adobe doesn't have any software for creating 3D models. You can load 3D models into Photoshop CC for making photorealistic renderings and some 3D modeling software will let you export as a 3D PDF, which can be viewed in 3D with Adobe Acrobat Reader, but other than that Adobe hasn't gotten much into 3D, Adobe is mostly all about 2D.

    Aside from Adobe software, the easiest I think, if you're on Windows, is DesignSpark Mechanical, which is free.

    Another easy one to learn if you want to paint something or sculpt something like you'd sculpt modeling clay is Sculptris. It is also free.

    What are you wanting to make? Did you already have something in mind? :)
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  5. Stonysmith...thank you very much. I appreciate your insight.
  6. southernnscale...thank you. .
  7. UniverseBecoming

    I will try those options. I downloaded several but they are super high end and then I also found TinkerCAD was is super simple and low end. I am sure I will find a good one. Totally appreciate your input.

    Right now I am trying to create a unique men's bracelet. It will have a leather bracelet and a metal plate with some words on the top plate.
  8. Frozenrain
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    You mean this one:D:
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  9. UniverseBecoming
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    Sounds cool! Let us know how it's going as you get more into it. :)
  10. davebuechler
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    I created a model of the Altar in front of Solomon's Temple using Power Point. The dimensions are correctly scaled from cubits into inches, and I made up three views from south, east and up. Can I convert this easily into a file that Shapeways can use to print it in 3D? I hired an artist to convert the Sea and Stands from similar PP files, but he is busy and can't get to my Altar. I would like the software to convert it without extensive learning of a new drawing program. Thanks for any suggestions. Dave
  11. stonysmith
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    Sorry, 3-view drawings are not much help. You can't print directly from them, and in general, you must re-draw the item from scratch. The human mind can "see" (imagine) geometry that is not there.. but the computer can't. Computers are VERY good at going the other direction - from 3d to 3-view, but not so much the other way.

    Take a look at the 3d view of this model.. this is what happens when you convert 3views back into 3d.

    Now, having said that, there ARE some things that you might be able to do, such as take a floorplan and raise walls up (called extrusion), then add roofs, cut out windows, etc - but you have to do it in a 3d drawing program.

    If you wish, send your PP to me via PM and I'll take a look for you.
  12. Dave,

    Congratulations on getting excited about doing 3d is super fun. I was in your exact same situation. I actually tried just about every program there was and until I got to the ones that cost $$$ and I stopped until I was good enough to afford them.

    I would keep looking for other artists, or share a picture of your PP and see if anyone might be able to help. There are some really great artists here the know what they are doing. Have you tried the 'Hire-a-Designer' link?

  13. UniverseBecoming
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    Hey Dave! Welcome to Shapeways! :D

    If you can do 2D then you can do 3D. 99% of the time when you make something in 3D you make 2D drawings of most of it first. Look at this tutorial I made showing how to make something in 3D from a 2D image. If you want to try it and have any questions you can ask them here.

    That's pretty cool that you are working on recreating a piece of history!