Iron man wearable helmet

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    hey guys Im planning on using shapeways to print a 3d file iron man helmet. the person who gave it to me hasn't been active and haven't been online in while

    please look at the files and see if they are scaled to fit a 5'10 person (normal size head) like the person said he used a Spectrum z510 which has a build area of 10" x 14" x 8" so he divided the helmet into parts. when I upload it on shapeways, it asks me "Unit of Measure" mm, meters or inches? which measurement should I use? I have no exp in 3d printing and don't wanna waste money if buy it and will not fit. any help is appreciated.

    I chose mm
    here's the face plate IronManHelmet Mask by btort1 on Shapeways and it's cm: 2.476 w x 1.89 d x 0.862 h and in: 1 w x 0.7 d x 0.3 h Will this be the right measurements? I chose mm because when I upload this for inch or meters it is like $3000 lol

    here's the rest of the helmet
    jaw- IronManHelmet Jaw by btort1 on Shapeways

    right- IronManHelmet Helmet R by btort1 on Shapeways

    left- IronManHelmet Helmet L by btort1 on Shapeways

    ear- IronManHelmet Ear by btort1 on Shapeways
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    A helmet created to fit any human is gonna cost a load of money. You might as well forget it, unless you are a millionaire