iphone mount for use with a popular construction toy

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    this is just an early model......havent spent too much time finishing it...........
    will need to test that the sockets are at spec and that they hold strong

    and placement of sockets

    might just be easier to simplify the connection method and place more in various places over the body

    the sockets are at 45 degree increments....equally arrayed around a hemisphere. This should hopefully allow for maximum versatility.

    i doubt anyone would be interested in this as a case but more of a versatile mounting platform for a multitude of uses.

    this product is to exploit the multi-functionality of knex:

    the mount could be attached to a rail and used to take steady sweeping shots while filming

    trip-pods for photography

    create your own dock or stand for watching movies, etc

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    Great concept, and it looks neat too!

    Now I understand where your 'copyright' thread was headed. Watch out for Apple's IP rights too - Guidelines for Using Apple Trademarks and Copyrights - I'm pretty sure you'd be ok with the title as Mount for iPhone with K'Nex adapter Mount for iPhone with adapter for K'Nex.

    [edit] opps!
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  3. Cool!
    Would love to see your results if you make any camera rigs.