IPHONE lense case need a lil help with google sketch

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  1. davecash
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    hi guys im very new in 3d and my english isnt so good but i try to do my best :D

    ok i always was thinking about a lense clip\case because was tired of puttin magnet rings on my iphone4....

    i got the fisheylense and the macro lense they are booth the same radius so i can use one input for all ...

    ok heres the problem i got the iphne model on google sketch finished almost...

    i only need a lil help so i can make the case thicker
    and sombody to check the size if every thing is ok...

    i attached a zip file with the skp and obj files in it....

    im using this lense....


    i was thinking about just sticking it in to the hard (but still a lil elastic) plastic)

    would be nice if somebody could check and help thx


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  2. denali3ddesign
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    I don't know about the measurements, but here's the file made solid for 3D printing. I just went off of your model for measurements.


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  3. Felixstec
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    I can do this for you and could probably turn it around in a day. The way I charge is for every model I build for you, you cover the cost to print one of my own models. You will also get the option to print one of my designs for your self. Everything I'm working on is sensitive information and will require the signing of an NDA, as well you will need to agree to be an official beta tester for my projects and keep the prints for your own use.

    If you are interested send me an email.


  4. davecash
    davecash New Member
    thx for ur offer!!
    but i think i can do it alone with a lil help its almost done...

    thx felix now its almost done just a few more things to do

    -fit the size ot the whole case
    -fit the position and size of the lens holes (front back)
    (cover flash because with lense it isnt posible it only makes blur)
    -fit the position and size of the hole for the telephone speaker at the top
    -fit the position and size of the hole of the power button at the top
    -and fit the postition and size of the hole from the mute switch on the left

    i found the iphone messurements on apple
    so it shouldnt be a problem syncing the size ...


    https://devimages.apple.com.edgekey.net/resources/cases/dime nsions/iPhone-4-GSM-model-R2.pdf

    Height: 4.5 inches (115.2 mm)
    Width: 2.31 inches (58.6 mm)
    Depth: 0.37 inch (9.3 mm)

    im sorry for my bad enlish XD

    i hope i can fit the sizes if not im coming back XD
    thx guys realy helped me

    anouther question is what material i should use ???

    i was thinking about hard plastic or rubber but still minimal elastic...
    (something like the lid of a can of peanuts or smth)

    i also was thinking of a smal design on the front or back side...
    can i use colors or do i have to paint it my self?
    i cant found information... on this one ....