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  1. Jose_narvaez
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    iphone 5.jpg

    i´m working in some new proyect for a case and i want your opinion.
    this is a full case for iphone 5 that i designed specifically for the fine plastic detail: white, transparent or black detail.
    it is a slim case the thickness is 1mm all around the case. and now i want to to leave the customization option. add text or something like that.
    i make the text engraved .5 mm. what do you think? it will print ok in this material?
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  2. Oreosmooshy
    Oreosmooshy New Member
    I really like the holes for the logo and camera :) . In my opinion though I would rather have something embossed than engraved, just since it would be prone to getting junk or pocket lint stuck in the little cracks.
  3. Jose_narvaez
    Jose_narvaez New Member
    ok. i´m working in something like that and making some few changes according to the design rules. thanks for your comment
    i really appreciate that. have a nice day