iPhone case modifications needed

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    Background: I'm trying to fabricate a case for my iPod touch that will make it resemble the outer dimensions of an iPhone. Towards that end, I bought a piece of replacement back glass and a bumper case, but I forgot to actually check the dimensions of an ipod vs. an iphone and it turns out the ipod is about 5.2 mm shorter. I was able to grind the glass piece down enough to fit that size, but my attempt to chop the bumper case was less successful. :<


    It's really not structurally sound :<

    What I need is a fairly standard Iphone 4/4s bumper case (like this one) with solid sides, modified as follows:

    -shortened vertically by 5.2mm
    -hole for mute switch removed
    -hole for headphone jack moved from upper-left to lower-right

    If it's possible to add bits to the inside of the buttons so they actually reach the ipod buttons, that'd be cool too.

    This doesn't seem like a huge amount of work for someone who already has one of these modeled - if I'm wrong and it will be hugely time consuming, then bleh.