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    Do you have a great idea for an iPhone case but lack the design skills needed to create a functional and awesome iPhone case? Well look no further! I am a 3D Designer with advanced experience in making iPhone cases. I am the designer of a well selling iPhone 5 case, HeatLock, and have also made cases for specific individuals by request! Just send me an email if you have a great idea and want to see if it will work!


    Hourly Rate : $10 (most cases take about 2-3 hours to design)
    Non-Disclosure Fee : $20 (this means that I will never post your case design as my own, only use renders for promotional purposes)

    How it works

    As soon as you tell me your idea and I understand you, I will start a time tracking app called Toggl which tracks the time I spend creating your model. When I finish the model the clock stops and I will share any render images I have on the product. At this point you will be able to make changes based on what you will like and we will communicate through issues until we have a product as you would like it. When the model is complete I will send you the STL file so you can upload it to Shapeways to buy. If you have purchased the Non-Disclosure option I will delete any model files I have on my computer at this point


    Email solidmodelingdesigns@gmail.com for any questions or inquires!

    Check out my HeatLock Case here: http://www.shapeways.com/model/737235/heatlock-a-minimalist- iphone-5-bumper.html?li=my-models

    First Edition.JPG
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    After looking around the forums in Shapeways for a phone case designer I found a post by username @solid_modeler. I contacted Josh @solid_modeler about designing some phone cases for an Iphone 4/4s that I could then use to print on a 3D printer. He listened to the design that I had in mind and then he sent me a sample of what the final design would look like. His fees were very reasonable so I decided to move forward and asked him to design four different cases for me. After about a day and a half, he let me know he was done designing the CAD files of the cases I wanted, and I made arrangements with him to pay him for his work. I'm very pleased with the final phone case designs and plan on having them printed as soon as possible. From now on, I will recommend Josh at @solid_modeler to all my friends, family, and colleagues for the great designing work he does :)

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