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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BAdesign, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. BAdesign
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    I want to make a custom made iPhone case with my company logo and i want an editable file to start with (i work with solidworks so parasolid files would be best).

    can someone sent me one that is tested to fit iPhone 4/4S perfectly (for the SWF materials)?
    the back would be almost full so in order to lower the cost what minimum thickness would be strong enough and printable?

    iPhone 5 files would be great too :)

  2. joe1029
    joe1029 New Member
    Here you go. This is the basic iphone 4s case I use for my cases. I just cut out the back and modify it. I got it from another designer on shapeways, wish I could remember who. I'll see if I can look that up. But I've printed it 4 times now and it's fit every time.

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  3. joe1029
    joe1029 New Member
    I have one with the back already cut out too. Not familiar with parasolid, I hope .obj works. If not, let me know.

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  4. BAdesign
    BAdesign New Member
    Hi Joe

    Thanks for the help but these file types are not good for me, I cant edit them and when i tried to make them usable they came out corrupted (they looked good before i started messing with them...).

    I only know how to deal with solidworks so many files are above my skills... :(
    Any other file types out there? (x_t, x_b. igs, sldprt, step)

  5. joe1029
    joe1029 New Member
    I'm looking for software that can convert .obj to .x_t. If I find anything I'll post it. Anyone else out there have any tips?

    Can you work with .stl?
  6. glehn
    glehn Well-Known Member
    STL or OBJ are "mesh" files and usually the output of freeforming design tools such as Blender or 3D Max. It is a complete different approach than what engineering CAD tools (such as Solidworks) use.
    Even IGES or STEP formats can be hard to modify as usually they bring in only the dumb geometry with no parametrics.
    I am not very familiar with Solidworks (I am CATIA user myself), but can you just use these mesh files as a reference to obtain the main dimensions and then model your new part? From my experience in dealing with file conversions, for simpler parts that might be the quickest approach.

  7. BAdesign
    BAdesign New Member
    Thanks Joe and Luis

    .obj files are easier for me to manipulate (take to solid body and add/remove material from it), or if i see that remodeling it would be easier i will try what Luis suggested.
    But the basic idea was to take a print proven model and not designing it myself and take chances..