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    Ok, so this is my first attempt at something like this, so go easy!

    Surprisingly (or not!) there isn't much like this on the market other than an expensive aluminium one, and a cheap 'kiddie' one made from EVA foam.

    The design was driven not by the need for a handle per se, but for a way to steady video shoots made with the iPad. Bear with me on this.

    You see, an iPad held from the end of your arm makes for a crude Stedicam - and because of the positioning of the handle on my iPad Carry, the lens is towards the lower edge, meaning you can 'sweep' the iPad over stuff or get dramatic low level shots. That's the idea anyway. Also, it's a handle! :)

    This test print was a bit on the tight side, which called for some (ok, lots) of sanding and some minor modifications with a Dremel to get the fit in the photo and even then it's tight. The clip is sturdy if not that pretty, but often the simplest approach is the best. And the hole for the headphones is way out; don't know what was going on there... my measurement point of reference must have been out.

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    I don't own any tablets so I can't relate to your problem, but I like what you did here. It's hard to make measurements perfect I've found and took me several rounds of printing to get some of my products/designs ready and I'm still waiting on one I think has most potential. I don't want someone to order it and not work right and get bad reviews! Good luck buddy.

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    Thanks! I can see myself using your honeycomb battery storage units - I have a LOT of AA rechargeables around... need someplace to keep them corralled.

    With the ipad carry I find I'm actually using the prototype at weekends where I tote the tablet around like a portable radio. It's a good test to see how durable/secure the clip is. The last thing I want, for potential customers, is the clip to fail and the iPad to get damaged as a result and so far it's been fine.

    The beauty of 3D printing is that I can offer the clip separately and cheaply if the customer feels theirs is becoming loose.

    As for refining the prototype - this model is done in Sketchup... not too difficult to extend the dimensions a little, but then I realised I needed more polys on the handle to make it smoother so that had to be done from scratch again, then I added an embossed logotype for a sense of 'brand'... I know, I'm kidding myself! ;)

    Oh and the mis-placed headphone hole turned out to be a typo - I work at 100x scale in Sketchup and I just missed this one when doing a last check of dimensions.

    Now all I need to do is wait for payday before ordering an reprint!