IP rights?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pdb, May 23, 2012.

  1. pdb
    pdb New Member
    At what point does your model become your intellectual property?

    how can you prove this? (date on model file, first upload) or do you need to register it with some sort of governing body?


  2. stonysmith
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    I don't quite understand your question. Are you talking about a file uploaded to Shapeways, or just in general?

    If you have an original idea, then it's your IP, but you need appropriate documentation (dated) to be able to prove that fact.

    If you and another person arrive at the same idea independently, then the 'ownership' of the IP would have to be resolved based upon who documented it first.

    Also.. file dates can be forged. You'll need a documentation method that can stand up in court.
  3. stop4stuff
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    Generally, for unprotected IP rights, the date is the date of first publication. For protected rights, you'll need to file the design through whichever governing body deals with IP in your country.

  4. pdb
    pdb New Member
    thanks guys

    found my governing body here:


    i tried to call them but they are 'unable to take my call for unforeseen circumstances'

    not quite sure what that means.

    if i find out anything interesting ill post again

  5. BillBedford
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    The first thing you have to ask yourself is 'How much am I willing to spend in defending my IP'? If the answer is less than a few thousand $ then forget about IP and just rely on your superior design skills to keep ahead of the market.

  6. pdb
    pdb New Member
    good point

    though i think its a good idea to understand how registration and basic IP works.