Invoice glitch: Outstanding balance

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by Mid7night, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Mid7night
    Mid7night New Member
    I'll just put it out there: I'M PISSED.

    I designed an RC plane that could be printed and easily assembled, and I've had nothing but trouble ever since I ordered it, which is really pissing me off because I usually NEVER have problems with Shapeways. So yeah, maybe I'm venting here a bit. I emailed Customer Service, and Mitchell and Christel have tried to be helpful, but there's a glitch in the invoice system somewhere, and it's holding up my order which is already 2 weeks late because it broke once. So that's why I'm pissed.

    I placed an order for an RC plane I designed, it broke during printing so they cancelled the print and credited me the order amount. Customer service was also nice enough to give me a shipping-credit to help make up for the fact that my original order was placed using a Black Friday 20%-off discount code, and thus my 'store credit' was not for the full-price. Mitchell rocks. :)

    So I fixed the problem area, reuploaded and reorded my plane. Here's where things get screwy...

    At the payment confirmation page, I applied my store credit and entered the Holiday Discount code (15% off), and it calculated that I owed just $8.43. So I hit PAY, it took me to Paypal and I completed the transaction. Only NOW, if I go back and view my invoice, it says I still owe $47.73, because it says I only had a store credit of $183.99?!?!

    Here's the quick math:
    (remember I was given a shipping credit as well, so there's no shipping cost in the calculation)
    Original order (also store credit amount): $225.22
    New order: $274.88
    Holiday discount: 15%

    So when I checked out, this is the calculation it did:

    $274.88 x 0.85 = $233.65
    $23..65 - $225.22 = $8.43

    That's it, that's what it charged me and that's what I paid. I have NO clue where this mysterious $183.99 number came from, but there's a glitch in your system somewhere guys, and I shouldn't have to pay extra for it.
  2. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Not good. I'm digging to see what I can figure out.
  3. ChristelM
    ChristelM Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hi Ben,

    We have been in contact about this, and I am very sorry this has happened.
    As you know I have also sent this to our Development Department so they can have a look at the missing store credit as well.

    I have just sent you an email about this and issued a new order for you with the model you have ordered.

    Again my apologies and I hope this will help you out.

    Customer Service Agent
  4. Mid7night
    Mid7night New Member
    Thank you Christel! I received the new order confirmation, and I'm looking forward to seeing it work this time. :)

    I'm still puzzled by the invoice glitch itself, and if I can be of any help to whomever is investigating please let me know. I'd hate for something like this to happen to anyone else.


    ~ Ben
  5. ChristelM
    ChristelM Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Dear Ben,

    You are very welcome.
    Our Development Department is looking in to this to find out what has happened and fix this as soon as possible.

    If we have got any questions about this, I will contact you again.

    Again my apologies this has happened.

    Customer Service Agent