Inverted Normals with Autodesk Inventor

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by Liquidwulfe, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Liquidwulfe
    Liquidwulfe New Member
    I am not sure how to check for Inverted Normals with Autodesk Inventor when I export my object to an STL file. Anyone have any idea's?

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  2. ArMOO
    ArMOO New Member

    You have some little problem on the edges.
    Its maybe related to the way you've modeled your tank or
    you've set the resolution of the stl to high.
    See pdf. It should be easy to solve now.

    Greetings AO

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  3. Liquidwulfe
    Liquidwulfe New Member
    It seems that Inventor is garbage when trying to convert to .stl files. The problems do not exist in Inventor native, so I cannot fix them unfortunately, and AccuTrans 3d conversion software does not recognize Inventor files.

    I tried converting from .stl to Collada with the AcuTrans 3d software, and shapeways kicked back an error saying my object was over 10 feet long, however the save as with options dialog says the object is only 5.5x3.9x1.0

    Not sure what I will try next.
  4. ArMOO
    ArMOO New Member

    Did you make a high resolution. I model in solidworks, I also had problems until I saved with less resolution.
    With a high resolution you create overlapping triangles.
    That's also your problem.
    Adding a radius to the edges might solve it too.
    The size has to do with the units you model. mtrs, inch or mm. When you upload or convert you have to pay attention.

    I'll fix the file for you.

    Greetings AO
  5. ArMOO
    ArMOO New Member

    Here another pdf. I thought I could fix it.
    But if I do that the red area's will disapear.
    I think the red areas are double surfaces.
    Delete them with a boolean operation or, maybe meshlab has a tool somewhere that delets double face as I remember well.

    Greetings AO


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  6. Liquidwulfe
    Liquidwulfe New Member
    Yea, I tried uploading to STL in every resolution available. I think the problem is with Autodesk Inventor's .stl export. Tonight I will be getting an .ipt to .3ds converter, where I can then convert it to Collada directly. I do appreciate the help tho!
  7. RalphVdB
    RalphVdB Well-Known Member CS Team
    Hi Liquidwulfe :cool:

    I took the liberty to fix your model :nod:

    The STL is in a 'dialect' that we cuoldn't process till this morning! I've re-exported it using MeshLab (free open source software - and now it works fine

    Just upload, order it and it's yours ;)



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