Invalid Public Key Security Object file

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by hjhearle, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. hjhearle
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    A firend who is currently creating some designs for me has sent me the finished designs as .stl attachments in an email. However when I try to open them to upload I get the error message:

    Invalid Public Key Security Object File

    This file is invalid for use as the following: Certificate Trust list

    Can someone explain what is happening? I have looked this up elsewhere on the internet but the answers aren't really helpful.

    (It might be caused by the fact that I don't have a 3D program on my computer, but I would of thought it could still be uploaded to Shapeways regardless. When I try to upload it I can't because a youtube video appears in front of everything and the close button is not there so I can't get rid of it). :(
  2. mkroeker
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    Which operating system and which browser ?
    The first problem - the certificate error message - probably comes up when you try to open the stl
    file in windows - as you said, you have no 3d program installed, so windows probably guesses the
    appropriate software from the extension (and .stl can mean a security certificate file on windows)
    Download a free copy of netfabb studio basic from if you want to see what your model
    looks like - this program will also allow you to check the file for errors, or to rescale it if necessary.

    The second problem must be a browser issue - the embedded youtube video is displayed in the
    wrong part of the web page. I have seen this with old versions of firefox. Can you try with a different
    browser ?

  3. hjhearle
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    Yeah- I have the video problem with most sites... my workplace still uses old operating systems and outdated software (MS 2003...)

    I've got around the problem by hitting "Enter" on the keyboard. It seems to clear it somehow... don't ask me why!

    I'll try and download a 3D program like that one- Google does a free one which seems to suit my requirements well enough.