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    Greetings to all this is Brian. I'm glad to be the part a of this community, hope to discover and share some interesting facts among fellows
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    Welcome to new members!

    As long as you understand that SPAMMING the forum with links in your sig will get all your multiple memberships banned just as fast as SPAMMING the forum in the comments portion of a post. I sure hope that when you get sued someday, your lawyer is one that got their degree using your essay service instead of earning their degree by their own work. Karma works in some mighty funny and ironic ways!!
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    HEY! BOJO.. cud you dun gets me a buncha papers dun writ sos I kin gits my dortorate in brain sirjury and become a famouse brains dockter? I cud shure use the munny fer me olde age.